Quincy Taylor started doing promotions within the music industry in 2001 with Landspeed Records based out of
Boston MA. In 2003

Quincy became the promotions manager for “Big Proof of the Multiplatinum Group D12 “ and Shady Records.
Next, Quincy began ITW Marketing, a boutique firm specializing in brand awareness for clients including EA
Sports, T Mobile, Toyota Scion, Jump Mobile, Cricket Communications, & more, in 2004.

In 2005 Quincy became the Ohio Valley Representative for EOne Music (Koch Records), working on the global
brand development for leading artists including Jim Jones, BG (formally of Cash Money), Slim Thug, Obie Trice, Dj
Khaled and More. He recently signed Cleveland artist, Lil Cray, to EOne for a two single deal.

Over the years, Quincy has established himself as a leader in the world of touring and promotion. In 2010 Quincy
developed new markets for his clients with extensive retail promotion, tastemaker events, radio interviews, and
concert performances that has allowed Quincy to have non stop continuous growth for all of this businesses and
clients. Then, in 2011, Quincy was appointed as the Vice President of “ Nerve Djs”, a midwest based dj group
specializing in radio, club, online promotions, and building relationships between artists, music, and djs. This
experience lead to the creation and birth of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards & Music Conference, a ceremony geared
towards Creating awareness for the Ohio and great North American Entertainment Industry

Quincy Taylor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Stars Entertainment. His global network and market leading
proven business development and sales experiences provides the company with a market leading edge. This
combined with Blue Pie’s systems spells global success for Quincy’s newest and latest venture “ Beyond Stars
Entertainment”. In 2010 Quincy Taylor created the Big Heff Industry Tour, its a quarterly artist awareness tour that
helps break new singles and artist.

In 2014 Quincy "Big Heff " Taylor joined the team with Def Jam Records as the Ohio Valley Region Rep. working
on projects in the Midwest Region.

In 2015 he created the Big Heff Radio Show which is now syndicated on 9 Different Stations in Atlanta GA,
Cleveland OH,Columbus OH, Rockford IL, Kokomo IN, and Charlotte NC. In addition, he created a partnership for
the Midwest Connext TV Show, a video countdown music program which highlights midwest music. In the same
year, Quincy joined forces with Altavoz Distribution to create City Music Deal to create money streams for
independent artist. Big Heff also joined forces with Sonic Bids and Online Crates  for the Streets Most Wanted Tour.

Quincy Taylor also developed the Believeland Stop The Violence Seminars and QTime, a school program that
teaches empowerment and career paths to high school students who are interested in the music industry.
In recent years, he has also received a variety of awards such as a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015
Ohio Hip Hop Awards, the 2016 Legend Awards,  the Urban Impact Award 2016  at the IVA's in Hollywood, CA, a
Gold Plaque from Def Jam Records for the work on Jeremih "Late Nights" and industry vet Bigga Rankin
presented Big Heff with the 2016 Ohio Tastemaker Award at the Diamond Awards in Jacksonville FL.
In 1994 Johnny Sintic began his music career as a dj at the age of 14. Learning from a pro and self teaching
himself how to mix. By the time he turned 16 years old he had invested in his own dj company, vehicle and
equipment.  He began hosting events at clubs, weddings, anniversaries, teen parties and any type of event that
would require music.

In 2000, Johnny self taught himself how to produce tracks for artists to write and perform on.  Some of his first
collaborations included The Poetic Hustlaz from the Mo Thug Family of Bone Thugs N Harmony. During this time
Johnny is working as the Entertainment Director for Six Flags Ohio and also teams up with DJ Blaze from Blazin
Entertainment to host and dj more events.  

In 2004, Johnny purchased his first website domain, johnnymixxxx.com, and began promoting to a global market
his beats, lyrics, designs and ideas.  As the website grows globally Johnny begins working with artists from Africa,
England, Australia and Germany.  Johnny has multiple tracks ranking number 1 on the charts for various beat
providing websites.  At this time Johnny meets Quincy via MySpace and they begin messaging each other ideas
and networking.

In 2006, Johnny becomes the Entertainment Director for Christies Cabaret in Cleveland, Ohio.  

In 2008, Johnny begins working for a company called DiscoverStars and learns all phases of management,
booking and promotions involving the music industry.  Johnnys first clients were Nick Zuber and Shake It.  In May
of 2008, Johnny and Quincy finally met face to face at a music video shoot.  Within 3 months after that video
shoot StarMusicMedia was born at a cost of $2.99.

In 2011, Johnny had 3 different artists with 3 different songs getting radio airplay on all the major stations.  
Working with various artists nominated for awards and still selling produced tracks to musicians all over the world.

In 2012, StarMusicMedia sees its domain name estimated value climb to over $4,000.00 with little to no paid ads
or internet promotion.  Johnny and Quincy also complete 30 different events in 10 different cities thus birthing
the Big Heff Industry Tour and the partnership with Nerve DJs.

In 2013, StarMusicMedia is involved in 75 events in 30 different cities, the website is averaging 10,000 hits daily
from 40+ countries around the world.

In 2016, StarMusicMedias domain name alone is appraised at $10,000.00 and the website is averaging over
50,000 hits daily.  To date, Johnny has been involved with over 800 events.
Destiny Loyd
Destiny Loyd was born and raised in the Midwest.  A native of Indianapolis Indiana, she received her Bachelors
Degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Indiana State University (ISU) in 2011.  After graduating from ISU,
Destiny went on to work as a promotions assistant at Radio One Indianapolis, the only urban radio broadcasting
company in the city.  She decided to go back to school in 2012 and received her Masters Degree in Information
and Communication Sciences from Ball State University in 2013. Now a PR Account Executive at Star Music
Media, Destiny says the decision to get her masters was a huge leap of faith, but the best decision she ever
made because it got her to where she is now in her career.  She loves to cook, watch movies and spend time
with family and friends. Destiny describes herself as a fun loving, determined person who always takes
advantage of every opportunity she is presented with. Her ultimate goal is to be the VP of PR and
Communications at a major record label.
Tyra Byrd
My name is Tyra Byrd. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Kent State University. I have been a
freelance writer for the Call and Post in Cleveland, OH since I was 15 years old. I have been doing event
promotions since I was 18 years old. I also do event planning and social media promotions.